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Exhaust Systems

Exhaust System

You might take it for granted most of the time, but your exhaust system is what keeps your car quiet while you're on the road. It also prevents toxic gases from getting into your vehicle, including carbon monoxide, which if inhaled, can lead to serious health problems.

What is the exhaust system?





















All the above components play a significant role in keeping your ride quiet and safe.

Located in front of your engine, the exhaust manifold receives the toxic gases given off by the burning gasoline powering your vehicle. The gases pass through your exhaust pipes, and are analyzed by oxygen sensors. They then travel through the catalytic converter, which turns the gases into less harmful emissions. The exhaust exits through the muffler in a much safer form.
Because the system always works together as one unit, when one part fails and is welded to another, that part may also need to be replaced.
















How do I know if something's wrong?

It's recommended that you have your exhaust system checked every year, unless something breaks or goes wrong. The two tell-tale signs of breakdown include a louder-than-normal sound while you're driving, or exhaust coming from an unusual place in the vehicle. The latter is potentially dangerous, as these exhaust fumes contain carbon monoxide. If you experience one or both of these symptoms, it's very important to have your exhaust system checked right away.

Let Us Investigate

Although the exhaust system is complex, our technicians will be able to diagnose any problems you may be experiencing. By completing an in-depth analysis of your vehicle, we are able to diagnose the issue, and show you exactly what needs to be fixed. Our direct approach lets us provide you with a solution without you needing to worry about unnecessary costs.


We at Micron manufacture all types of automotive exhaust systems to the highest standards. They are made for the engine of your vehicle to run at optimum performance levels and correct noise levels, inside and outside the vehicle.

By meeting this criteria, your engine will perform at correct power, fuel economy, and noise levels.

We are also a supplier of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's).

How an exhaust system works

We also offer the following services:

  • Catalytic converter de-catting / removal

  • Straight through exhaust pipes - customised (Subaru, 2 3/8" and 3")

  • Customised exhaust systems for Rally cars

  • Pipe bending services

  • Welding services

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