VARTA Automotive Batteries

We are sole distributors for VARTA Automotive Batteries in Kenya


Our VARTA    Batteries Product Range


Passenger Cars

Whether you’re a first-time car owner looking for the best in standard batteries, or you’re looking for a safe, long-lasting battery for your family vehicle, or you just want the most premium power possible, one of our VARTA® Automotive batteries will meet your needs.

Batteries for Heavy Commercial Vehicles

Increasing environmental and safety regulations, more trucks with end- of- frame mounting systems, on the roads and more and more electronical equipment in all applications, will change the market dramatically. Our unrivalled range of VARTA® batteries for heavy commercial vehicles is ready to serve the new market requirements. VARTA® Promotive is the technology leader for heavy commercial vehicles. The VARTA Promotive EFB battery is designed especially for modern trucks and highly equipped vehicles to meet increasing requirements for electrical loads and end-of-frame mounting systems. Today’s batteries are designed for more than just starting!

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